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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Spatial polarimetry of inhomogeneous surfaces under laser illuminationNikitin, V. M.; Fomin, V. N.; Egorov, V. M.; Sautkin, V. A.
2017Spatio-temporal data processing of automated geodynamic monitoring systemDorofeev, N. V.; Kuzichkin, O. R.; Romanov, R. V.; Koskin, A. V.
2006Special features of the nonlinear dynamics of quasiparticles in molecular structures with hydrogen bonds with allowance for the interaction of not only the nearest neighborsSavotchenko, S. E.
2016Species Composition and Landscape-Zonal Distribution of Horseflies (Diptera, Tabanidae) in the Territory of Belgorod ProvincePrisniy, Y. A.
2008Specific aspects of detection of peroxidase isozymes and their genetic control in barleyNetsvetaev, V. P.
2013Specific determinants for structuring the economy, taking into account the factor of integrationGlagolev, S. N.; Vaganova, O. M.
2001Specific features of particle scattering and excitation of quasilocal states by a stationary flux in a two-level systemSavotchenko, S. E.
2017Specific features of the transport properties of the Lu₀.₁Bi₁.₉Te₃ compoundYapryntsev, M. N.; Lyubushkin, R. A.; Soklakova, O. N.; Ivanov, O. N.
2020Specific verbal representation of the time categoryUkhnaleva, E. A.; Sedykh, A. P.; Legochkina, E. N.; Kovalenko, B. N.; Vorobyova, O. V.
2014Specificity of British forms of address representation in the "Downton Abbey" TV seriesKutsenko, A. A.
2017Specifics of cultural-civilization identity development in the frontier regions of russia and ukraine: diagnostic problemsBabintsev, V. P.; Gaidukova, G. N.; Serkina, Ya. I.; Pasttyuk, A. V.
2014Spectral distribution in the reflection of parametric X-raysChesnokov, Yu. A.; Shchagin, A. V.; Shulga, N. F.; Kubankin, A. S.; Potylitsyn, A. P.
2013Spectral method in axial channeling theoryShulga, N. F.; Syshchenko, V. V.; Neryabova, V. S.
2000Spectral structure of polarization radiation from relativistic electrons in aluminumBlazhevich, S. V.; Grishin, V. K.; Ishkhanov, B. S.; Nasonov, N. N.; Nefedov, G. S.; Petukhov, V. P.; Shvedunov, V. I.
2003Spectral-angular distributions of radiation from relativistic electrons in a thin layer of matterFomin, S. P.; Shulga, N. F.; Shulga, S. N.
2018Spectrophotometric determination of oils with radicals of conjugated octadecatrienoic acidsAnh, Van Nguyen; Deineka, V. I.; Deineka, L. A.
2014Spectroscopic study of proflavine adsorption on the carbon nanotube surfaceBuchelnikov, A. S.; Dovbeshko, G.; Voronin, D. P.; Trachevsky, V. V.; Kostjukov, V. V.
2009Spectrum broadening effect in coherent x-ray radiation of a relativistic electron crossing a single-crystal plateBlazhevich, S. V.; Noskov, A. V.
2003Spectrum of collimated X-rays emitted from relativistic electrons crossing an aligned crystalKubankin, A.; Nasonov, N.; Zhukova, P.
2014Speech-to-speech real-time translationBukreev, P. E.; Morel Morel, D. A.