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Title: Improvement of bactericidal properties of bentonite by means of sodium carbonate
Authors: Tscymbalystov, A. V.
Kopytov, A. A.
Deineka, L. A.
Shinkarenko, N. N.
Keywords: medicine
bactericidal activity
sodium carbonate
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Improvement of bactericidal properties of bentonite by means of sodium carbonate / A. V. Tscymbalystov [и др.] // International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. - 2016. - Vol.8, №4.-P. 26795-26801.
Abstract: Ecological expediency conditions the necessity to make research of raw materials base and to use for medical purposes those mineral resources which were not subjected to modifications due to aggressive chemical action. Development and sale of pharmaceutical forms with optimal pharmacokinetic characteristics which would not induce occurrence of resistant bacteria population and sensitization of a body is a perspective trend in pharmaceutical engineering
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