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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1197
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Cross correlation analysis between SNIP, SJR and if for selected journalsMoskovkin, V. M.; Reznik, A. A.; Sadovski, M. V.; Kaluzhnaya, E. V.; Shatokhina, S. I.
2016Correlation analysis between journal metrics and subscription price for selected journalsMoskovkin, V. M.; Reznik, A. A.; Sadovski, M. V.; Kaluzhnaya, E. V.; Shatokhina, S. I.
2016Effect of the Deposition Parameters on the Phase-Structure State, Hardness, and Tribological Characteristics of Mo2 N/CrN Vacuum - Arc Multilayer CoatingsBeresnev, V. M.; Klimenko, S. A.; Sobol, O. V.; Grankin, S. S.; Novikov, V. Y.
2014Mathematical Model for the Formation of University Contingents on the Basis of Population Dynamics EquationsMoskovkin, V. M.; Suleiman Bilal, N. E.; Lesovik, R. V.
2014Mathematical Modeling of Training and Dynamics of Scientific PersonnelMoskovkin, V. M.; Suleiman Bilal, N. E.; Lesovik, R. V.; Evtushenko, E. I.; Kuznetsov, V. A.
2016Hopf bifurcation in coastal ecogeosystemsSelezov, I. T.; Kryvonos, I. G.; Moskovkin, V. M.
2014Analysis of the Change in Position of the Countries' Sets of Leading Universities and Research Centers in the World Webometrics Ranking (with the Mediterranean and the Black Sea Region Taken as an Example)Moskovkin, V. M.; Pupynina, E. V.; Kamyshanchenko, E. N.
2016On purposefulness of application of physical culture-health related technology for prophylaxis of students' respiratory system disordersKondakov, V. L.; Kopeikina, E. N.; Usatov, A. N.
2016Modification of Harvard step-test for assessment of students' with health problems functional potentialsKopeikina, E. N.; Drogomeretsky, V. V.; Kondakov, V. L.; Kovaleva, M. V.; Iermakov, S. S.
2016Ways to Preserve Biological Diversity of Bog Ecosystems within Natural Parks SystemYudina, Y. V.
2016Accounting and Analytical Procurement of Predictive Appraisal of Synergistic Effect in Small Business Construction CompaniesZimakova, L. A.; Kovalenko, S. N.; Udovikova, A. A.; Kravchenko, N. N.; Malitskaya, V. B.
2016Some Problems of Anti-recessionary Public Management in Russia at PresentSamarina, V. P.; Skufina, T. P.; Samarin, A. V.; Sergey, V. B.
2016Species Composition and Landscape-Zonal Distribution of Horseflies (Diptera, Tabanidae) in the Territory of Belgorod ProvincePrisniy, Y. A.
2016Strategic management training of future specialists in the system of higher education: conceptual basisKormakova, V. N.; Musaelian, E. N.; Romanov, V. A.
2016The influence of nitrogen pressure on the structure of condensates, obtained at vacuum-arc deposition from high entropy alloy AlCrTiZrNbY = Влияние давления азота на структуру конденсатов, полученных из высокоэнтропийного сплава AlCrTiZrNbY при вакуумно-дуговом осажденииBeresnev, V. M.; Sobol, O. V.; Nyemchenko, U. S.; Lytovchenko, S. V.; Kolesnikov, D. A.
2016Influence of high-voltage constant potential bias on structure and properties of MoN/CrN multilayer composite with different layer thickness = Влияние высоковольтного постоянного потенциала смещения на структуру и свойства многослойного композиционного материала MoN/CrN с разной толщиной слоевGrankin, S. S.; Beresnev, V. M.; Sobol, O. V.; Lytovchenko, S. V.; Kolesnikov, D. A.
2016Effects of mechanical activation on the structural changes and microstructural characteristics of the components of ferruginous quartzite beneficiation tailingsErmolovich, E. A.; Ermolovich, O. V.
2012To the problem of differentiation of notions in modern cognitive linguistics = К проблеме разграничения понятий в современной когнитивной лингвистикеTrubayeva, E. I.
2016Social spatial processes in the systems of settlement of the Belgorod region under the conditions of globalization = Пространственные социальные процессы в системах расселения Белгородской области в условиях глобализацииChugunova, N. V.; Polyakova, T. A.; Ignatenko, S. A.; Ignatenko, S. A.; Likhnevskaya, N. V.; Komkova, A. I.
2016The influence of agro-climatic conditions on the yield of sunflower in the Belgorod regionSolovyov, A. B.; Polyakova, T. A.; Vagurin, I. Y.; Tarubarova, A. N.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1197