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Title: Revealing frame dynamics through comparing associative fields in diachrony
Authors: Morel Morel, D. A.
Miroshnichenko, N. S.
Keywords: linguistics
general linguistics
picture of the world
comparative analysis
associative fields
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Morel Morel, D.A. Revealing frame dynamics through comparing associative fields in diachrony / D.A. Morel Morel, N.S. Miroshnichenko ; Belgorod State University // Applied and Fundamental Studies : hosted by the Publishing House Science and Innovation Center : proceedings of the 6rd intern. acad. conf., St. Louis, Missouri, 30-31 aug. 2014 . - St. Louis, 2014. - P. 142-146.
Abstract: The article shows that the changes of an associative field in diachrony can somewhat schematically, but quite accurately reflect the dynamics of the corresponding frame over time. The undertaken comparative analysis of associative fields of stimuli ‘napitok’ (drink) and ‘pit’yo’ (drink(ing)) - as of 1988-1997 (the data of “Russian associative dictionary”) and 2013-2014 (the results of the author experiment) - helps to develop the model of the frame “drink” - to the extent of slots actualized through associative reactions - and reveals some changes in its structure. Ascertained dynamics implies variation in the relevancy of almost all slots. The revealed trends also reflect some harmonization of this frame with its Western analogues
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