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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The influence of water content on wheat dough in changing the rheological characteristics and quality of the finished productBoltenko, Y. A.; Myachikova, N. I.; Binkovskaya, O. V.; Korotkikh, I. Y.; Zinoveva, I. G.
2016Effects of mechanical activation on the structural changes and microstructural characteristics of the components of ferruginous quartzite beneficiation tailingsErmolovich, E. A.; Ermolovich, O. V.
2016The influence of nitrogen pressure on the structure of condensates, obtained at vacuum-arc deposition from high entropy alloy AlCrTiZrNbY = Влияние давления азота на структуру конденсатов, полученных из высокоэнтропийного сплава AlCrTiZrNbY при вакуумно-дуговом осажденииBeresnev, V. M.; Sobol, O. V.; Nyemchenko, U. S.; Lytovchenko, S. V.; Kolesnikov, D. A.
2016Influence of high-voltage constant potential bias on structure and properties of MoN/CrN multilayer composite with different layer thickness = Влияние высоковольтного постоянного потенциала смещения на структуру и свойства многослойного композиционного материала MoN/CrN с разной толщиной слоевGrankin, S. S.; Beresnev, V. M.; Sobol, O. V.; Lytovchenko, S. V.; Kolesnikov, D. A.
2016Technical aspects of creation of hel`s service-oriented IT-infrastructureIvashchuk, O. A.; Konstantinov, I. S.; Mamatov, A. V.; Udovenko, I. V.; Koskin, A. V.
2016Mobile technologies in implementation of programs of internal tourism developmentVishnevskaya, E. V.; Klimova, T. B.; Bogomazova, I. V.; Yakovenko, O. V.; Kovtun, J. V.
2016Structural/textural changes and strengthening of anadvanced high-Mn steel subjected to cold rollingYanushkevich, Z.; Belyakov, A.; Haase, C.; Molodov, D. A.; Kaibyshev, R.
2016Electronic model of waste treatement schemeIvashchuk, O. A.; Shcherbinina, N. V.; Fedorov, V. I.; Zemlyakova, A. V.; Buryak, Z. A.
2016Microstructure evolution and mechanical behavior of ultrafine Tie6Ale4V during low-temperature superplastic deformationZherebtsov, S. V.; Kudryavtsev, E. A.; Salishchev, G. A.; Straumal, B. B.; Semiatin, S. L.
2016The influence of grain size on twinning and microstructure refinement during cold rolling of commercial-purity titaniumZherebtsov, S. V.; Dyakonov, G. S.; Salishchev, G. A.; Salem, A. A.; Semiatin, S. L.