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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998New grain formation during warm deformation of ferritic stainless steelBelyakov, A.; Kaibyshev, R.; Sakai, T.
2003Deformation behavior and controlling mechanisms for plastic flow of magnesium and magnesium alloyGaliyev, A.; Sitdikov, O.; Kaibyshev, R.
2005Achieving high strain rate superplasticity in an Al-Li-Mg alloy through equal channel angular extrusionKaibyshev, R.; Shipilova, K.; Musin, F.; Motohashi, Y.
1999Grain refinement under multiple warm deformation in 304 type austenitic stainless steelBelyakov, A.; Sakai, T.; Miura, H.; Kaibyshev, R.
1998High strain rate superplasticity in a continuously recrystallized Al-6%Mg-0.3%Sc alloyWadsworth, J.; Kaibyshev, R.; Nieh, T. G.; Hsiung, L. M.
1994The influence of reinforced elements on deformation behavior of the aluminum alloyKaibyshev, R.; Kazyhanov, V.; Astanin, V.; Evangelista, E.
2003Grain refinement and superplastic behaviour of a modified 6061 aluminium alloyKaibyshev, R.; Musin, F.; Gromov, D.; Nieh, T. G.; Lesuer, D. R.
2006Molecular-dinamics study of crystal defect formation by the thermal fluctuation mechanism during high-rate deformationPsakhie, S. G.; Zolnikov, K. P.; Kryzhevich, D. S.; Lipnitskii, A. G.
2004New grain formation in a coarse-grained 7475 Al alloy during severe hot forgingSitdikov, O.; Sakai, T.; Goloborodko, A.; Miura, H.; Kaibyshev, R.
2009Plastic flow of the mechanically alloyed Fe-0.6%O at temperatures of 550-700°CSakai, Y.; Tsuzaki, K.; Dudko, V. A.; Kaibyshev, R. O.; Belyakov, A. N.