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Title: New grain formation during warm deformation of ferritic stainless steel
Authors: Belyakov, A.
Kaibyshev, R.
Sakai, T.
Keywords: technique
metal science
ferritic stainless steel
warm deformation
Issue Date: 1998
Citation: Belyakov, A. New grain formation during warm deformation of ferritic stainless steel / A. Belyakov, R. Kaibyshev, T. Sakai // Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A. - 1998. - Vol.29, N1.-P. 161-167.
Abstract: Microstructural evolution accompanied by localization of plastic flow was studied in compression of a ferritic stainless steel with high stacking fault energy (SFE) at 873 K (~0,5 Tm). The structure evolution is characterized by the formation of dense dislocation walls at low strains and subsequently of microbands and their clusters at moderate strains, followed by the evolution of fragmented structure inside the clusters of microbands at high strains
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