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Title: Linear conjugation problems
Authors: Tran Quang Vuong
Keywords: mathematics
mathematical analysis
linear conjugation problems
the goursat formula
Cauchy singular integral
functions of canonic matrices
singular integral equations
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Tran Quang Vuong. Linear conjugation problems / Tran Quang Vuong // Прикладная математика & Физика. - 2020. - Т.52, №2.-С. 55-61. - Doi: 10.18413/2687-0959-2020-52-2-55-61.
Abstract: We investigate the linear conjugation problem for polyanalytic functions using function theory and Cauchy-type integrals. We explicitly construct a canonical matrix-function by using the recurrence procedure and use it to study the linear conjugation problem. We found a solutions of the linear conjugation problem and given a formula for its index by using Cauchy type integrals. We got a representation of the solution of the linear conjugation problem through the canonical matrix-function, which is constructed explicitly
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