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Title: Study of Monarda Fistulosa essential oil as a prospective antiseborrheic agent
Authors: Zhilyakova, E. T.
Novikov, O. O.
Naumenko, E. N.
Krichkovskaya, L. V.
Kiseleva, T. S.
Timoshenko, E. Yu.
Novikova, M. Yu.
Litvinov, S. A.
Keywords: medicine
medicinal plants
burdock oil
Monarda essential oil
antimycotic and antibacterial effects
generalized infection
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Study of Monarda Fistulosa essential oil as a prospective antiseborrheic agent / E.T. Zhilyakova, O.O. Novikov, E.N. Naumenko et al. // Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine. - 2009. - Vol.148, №4.-P. 612-614. - doi: 10.1007/s10517-010-0777-7.
Abstract: Monarda fistulosa essential oil characterized by pronounced therapeutic effects is proposed for the treatment of seborrhea. Studies of its antibacterial, antimycotic, and antiinfl ammatory activities showed that it inhibits microorganism growth and is superior to hydrocortisone in combination with vitamin B6 by its antiinfl ammatory activity
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