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Title: Circulability of medicines in Russia: historical and legal retrospective
Authors: Panfilova, V. I.
Safronova, E. V.
Turkutyukov, V. B.
Keywords: law
administrative law
medical law
legal regulation
registration of medicines
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Panfilova, V.I. Circulability of medicines in Russia: historical and legal retrospective / V.I. Panfilova, E.V. Safronova, V.B. Turkutyukov // Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research. - 2020. - Vol.128.-P. 153-156. - (Far East Con (ISCFEC 2020) : International scientific conference, Vladivostok, 1-4 october 2019). - Refer.: p. 156.
Abstract: The article analyzes legal aspects of circulability of medicines in Russia. The medicines may be freely alienated or may pass from one person to another, if they have not been withdrawn from circulation or restricted in the circulation. These medicines are freely available for purchase without a prescription. The kinds of the medicines, whose circulation shall not be admitted / with drawn from circulation, shall be directly pointed out in the law. With kinds of the medicines, which may only be possessed by definite participants in the circulation, or whose being in the circulation shall be admitted by a special permit / with a circulation capacity, it is impossible to carry out any actions, except for the cases expressly provided for by regulatory acts, for example, for scientific purposes
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