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Title: Structure and mechanical properties of near-eutectic refractory Al-Cr-Nb-Ti-Zr high entropy alloys
Authors: Yurchenko, N.
Panina, E.
Salishchev, G.
Stepanov, N.
Keywords: technique
metal science
high entropy alloys
mechanical properties
hypoeutectic structure
refractory high entropy alloys
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Structure and mechanical properties of near-eutectic refractory Al-Cr-Nb-Ti-Zr high entropy alloys / N. Yurchenko [et al.] // IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. - 2021. - Vol.1014.-Art. 012058. - (Synthesis, structure and properties of high entropy materials : Annual School of Young Scientists 2020, Belgorod, Russia, 14-16 October 2020). - Doi: 10.1088/1757-899X/1014/1/012058.
Abstract: In this study, the structure and mechanical properties of the near-eutectic refractory Al₂₄Cr₁₁Nb₁₁Ti₃₇Zr₁₇, Al₂₀Cr₂₀Nb₂₅Ti₂₅Zr₁₁₀, and Al₂₈Cr₁₅Nb₁₅₅Ti₂₀Zr₂₂ (at.%) high entropy alloys were investigated. Both the Al₂₄Cr₁₁₁Nb₁₁Ti₃₇₇Zr₁₇ and Al₂₀Cr₂₀Nb₂₅Ti₂₂₅Zr₁₀₀ alloys had a hypoeutectic structure, while the Al₂₈Cr₁₅Nb₁₅Ti₂₀Zr₂₂ alloy had a hypereutectic one. The proeutectic phase in the Al₂₄Cr₁₁Nb₁₁Ti₃₇Zr₁₇ and Al₂₀Cr₂₀Nb₂₅Ti₂₅Zr₁₀ alloys was the ordered B2 phase and in the Al₂₈Cr₁₅Nb₁₅Ti₂₀Zr₂₂ alloy - the C14 Laves phase. In all three alloys, the eutectic regions possessed a fine lamellar structure composed of a mixture of the C14 Laves and B2 phases. The densities of the alloys were 5.20-5.89 g/cm3
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