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Title: River runoff modeling in the European territory of Russia
Authors: Yermolaev, O.
Mukharamova, S.
Vedeneeva, E.
Keywords: geophysical sciences
river runoff
geoinformation database
landscape zones
multiple regression
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Yermolaev, O. River runoff modeling in the European territory of Russia / O. Yermolaev, S. Mukharamova, E. Vedeneeva // Catena. - 2021. - Vol.203.-Art. 105327. - Doi: org/10.1016/j.catena.2021.105327. - URL:
Abstract: The paper describes river runoff modeling for a plains region of the European territory of Russia (ETR), as well as a prediction for ungauged drainage basins. The study of river runoff is one of the key research objectives in determining the patterns of sediment yield formation. Among many other zonal factors, river runoff is considered to be the main factor in sediment yield formation in a humid climate. In this study, modeling results for the entire European territory of Russia and various landscape zones are presented via the use of multiple regression methods
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