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Title: Effect of tungsten on the temper brittleness in steels with 9%
Authors: Fedoseeva, A. E.
Dudova, N. R.
Kaibyshev, R. O.
Keywords: physics
martensitic steel
impact toughness
M23C6 carbides
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Fedoseeva, A. E. Effect of tungsten on the temper brittleness in steels with 9% Cr / A. E. Fedoseeva, N. R. Dudova, R. O. Kaibyshev // Metal Science and Heat Treatment. - 2018. - Vol.59, N9. - P. 564-568.
Abstract: The impact toughness and the structure of high-chromium martensitic steels with different tungsten contents are studied after tempering at 300 – 800°C. It is shown that when the tungsten content is increased from 2 to 3%, the temperature range of the irreversible temper embrittlement is widened and the impact toughness is decreased by a factor of 4
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