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Title: Reflection of the status and role of social structure in agentive impersonal sentences in german
Authors: Kuzmina, O. V.
Pristinskaya, T. M.
Lomonosova, Yu. E.
Kopytina, N. N.
Shirlina, E. N.
Keywords: linguistics
status groups in society
role groups in society
grammatical agent
implicit semantic subject
semantic structure of sentences
impersonal sentences
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Reflection of the status and role of social structure in agentive impersonal sentences in german / O.V. Kuzmina [et al.] // Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research. - 2019. - Vol.333.-P. 243-247. - (Proceedings of the Internation Conference on "Humanities and Social Sciences: Novations, Problems, Prospects" (HSSNPP 2019)). - Refer.: p. 247.
Abstract: The article is devoted to the implicit representation of status and role groups in society on the material of impersonal sentences in the german language. The focus is set on the types of the implicit semantic subject, characterized by varying degrees of determination in context: indefinite-personal, generalizedpersonal and definite-personal semantic subject. The authors propose a tripartite paradigm of types of the implicit semantic subject on the basis of its social and role affiliation
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