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Title: Magnetotransport properties of InSb-MnSb nanostructured films
Authors: Kochura, A.
Marenkin, S.
Novodvorsky, O.
Mikhalevsky, V.
Zakhvalinskii, V.
Keywords: physics
magnetic susceptibility
nanostructured films
electron diffraction
scanning electron microscopy
atomic and magnetic force microscopy
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Magnetotransport properties of InSb-MnSb nanostructured films / A. Kochura [et al.] // EPJ Web of Conferences. - 2018. - Vol.185.-Art. 06003. - (Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism (MISM 2017), Moscow, 1-5 July 2017 /  Lomonosov Moscow State University). - DOI:
Abstract: Hybrid nanostructured InSb - MnSb films were obtained by the pulsed laser deposition using the mechanical droplet separation. Films structure was characterized by different methods (electron diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, atomic and magnetic force microscopy)
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