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Title: Restrictive resource of constitutional duties: the experience of Cis Countries
Authors: Chistyukhina, M. V.
Gavrishov, D. V.
Lebed, A. V.
Markhgeym, M. V.
Sushkov, P. A.
Keywords: law
constitutional right
observance of laws
payment of taxes
defense of the motherland
military duty
environmental protection
electoral duties
Cis Countries
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Restrictive resource of constitutional duties: the experience of Cis Countries / M.V. Chistyukhina [и др.] // Revista Publicando. - 2018. - Vol.5, №12(2).-P. 770-778.
Abstract: The article presents the author's analysis of CIS country constitutions to identify the norms regulating various aspects of man and citizen duties. The obtained results are ordered within the framework of an independent model of CIS countries, characterized by the existence of different generations of man and citizen constitutional duties; the author's conclusion is proposed on the consolidation of the declared duties in a typical, shortened and expanded catalog
Appears in Collections:Статьи из периодических изданий и сборников (на иностранных языках) = Articles from periodicals and collections (in foreign languages)

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