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Title: Ignition of a Ti-Al-C system by an electron beam
Authors: Ligachev, A. E.
Potemkin, G. V.
Lepakova, O. K.
Zhidkov, M. V.
Kolobov, Y. R.
Keywords: physics
electron beam
self-propagating high-temperature synthesis
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Ignition of a Ti-Al-C system by an electron beam / A.E. Ligachev [et al.] // Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves. - 2018. - Vol.54, N2.-P. 158-164.
Abstract: This paper describes the optimal modes of initiation of self-propagating hightemperature synthesis with the help of an electron beam on the example of a Ti-Al-C powder mixture. A pulsed electron beam with a particle energy of tens of kiloelectronvolts and a duration of hundreds of microseconds is used. Morphology, structure, and elemental composition of formed products in the form of Ti3AlC2 and TiC are studied
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