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Title: Numerical Solution of Rare Metal Leaching Problem
Authors: Galtsev, O. V.
Galtseva, O. A.
Belenko, V. A.
Mamatov, A. V.
Nemtsev, A. N.
Keywords: technique
rare metals
solid-liquid environment interface
free-boundary problem
fluid dynamics
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Numerical Solution of Rare Metal Leaching Problem / O.V. Galtsev [et al.] // International Journal of Engineering & Technology. - 2018. - Vol.7, N4, special is.36.-P. 5-9. - Refer.: p. 9.
Abstract: It is well known that a lot of chemical and physical processes take place on the surfaces of interaction between solid and li quid substances. These processes include a very important technological process of uranium, nickel, copper, precious metal and other solid compound extraction - in-situ leaching. In this article we will rely on the mathematical description of these complex systems proposed by A.M. Meirmanov, where the main idea is the presence of new conditions on a free (unknown) boundary between liquid and solid phases
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