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Title: The use of the new apple hybrids fruits with red pulp in the food industry
Authors: Solomatin, N. M.
Solomatina, E.
Sorokopudov, V. N.
Sorokopudova, O. A.
Myachikova, N. I.
Keywords: biology
apple hybrids
natural dyes
soluble dry matter
vitamin C
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: The use of the new apple hybrids fruits with red pulp in the food industry / N.M. Solomatin [и др.] // Scientific Study and Research: Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Food Industry. - 2018. - N19(3).-P. 345-351. - Refer.: p. 350-351
Abstract: Juice, compote, fruit chips, obtains from hybrids apple fruits was made and analyzed. Juice from red-flesh apples has attractive anthocyanin color, high content of antioxidants and a higher acidity. Stewed fruit of red-apple apples fully corresponds to the necessary indicators for organoleptic and chemical composition, but it has an unusual color for apple compote. Chips from red-flesh apples are the most promising type of products. Along with the conservation of anthocyanin in the drying process, they have a perfectly acceptable sugar-acid index and a high content of anthocyanins
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