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Title: Monitoring in the control system of the territories
Authors: Slinkova, O.K.
Slinkov, A.M.
Yasenok, S.N.
Glumova, Ya.G.
Zdorovets, Yu.
Keywords: economy
economic management
development of the territory
welfare of the population
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Monitoring in the control system of the territories / O.K. Slinkova [и др.] // Revista ESPACIOS. - 2018. - Vol. 39, № 27.-P. 22
Abstract: The point of view according to which as the prime target of territorial development it is necessary to consider growth of welfare of the population is proved in article. For achievement of this purpose the system of territorial department has to provide constant tracking, control and the analysis of the parameters reflecting welfare of the population. The system of statistical data existing in regions doesn’t allow to solve this problem owing to low efficiency, insufficient completeness, and sometimes and objectivity
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