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Title: Neuropsychological foundations of conscious self-regulation of students
Authors: Tarabaeva, V. B.
Grebneva, V. V.
Korneeva, S. A.
Moskalenko, S. V.
Sulima, T. V.
Keywords: psychology
psychology of personality
neuropsychological approach
psychology of individual differences
human voluntary activity
lateral profiles
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Neuropsychological foundations of conscious self-regulation of students / V.B. Tarabaeva [и др.] // International Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Research. - 2018. - Vol.9, N1.-P. 1074-1080.
Abstract: This article presents an analysis of the interrelation between the lateral organisation profiles’ indicators and selfregulation features. The existence of significant distinctions in the processes of self-regulation among respondents with different variants of lateral profiles of the interhemispheric asymmetry is proved, as well as the common features of these processes that are peculiar to the individuals having identical options of the lateral profiles are specified too
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