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Title: Some problems of environmental chemistry and their solutions
Authors: Peristy, V. A.
Vezentsev, A. I.
Peristaya, L. F.
Keywords: natural science
environmental chemistry
heat balance of the earth
Belgorod region
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Peristy, V.A. Some problems of environmental chemistry and their solutions / V.A. Peristy, A.I. Vezentsev, L.F. Peristaya // Ökologische, technologische und rechtliche Aspekte der lebensversorgung : das internationale symposium : programm abstracts: euro-eco hannover - 2013, Germany, Hannover, 28-29 november 2013 / Europäische Akademie für Naturwissenschaften, Europäische Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft e.V Hannover. - Hannover, 2013. - P. 98-99.
Abstract: It is known that the increasing amount of CO2 emissions of anthropogenic character leads to a disruption of the thermal balance of the Earth and is one of the reasons for the greenhouse effect. In our opinion, the future solution of the greenhouse effect problem consists in the return to the natural cycle of the element carbon in nature accompanied by the scientifically sound creative activity of the humanity. Creation of green planting with high photosynthetic properties will enable to utilize carbon dioxide by turning it into organic substances
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