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Title: Environmental aspects of the clay use in industrial and agricultural production
Authors: Peristy, V. A.
Vezentsev, A. I.
Peristaya, L. F.
Bukhanov, V. D.
Frolov, G. V.
Keywords: сhemistry
physical chemistry
water purification
native montmorillonite clays
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Environmental aspects of the clay use in industrial and agricultural production / V.A. Peristy [et al.] // Ökologische, technologische und rechtliche aspekte der lebensversorgung : das internationale symposium : programm abstracts: euro-eco hannover - 2013, Germany, Hannover, 28-29 november 2013 / Europäische Akademie für Naturwissenschaften, Europäische Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft e.V Hannover. - Hannover, 2013. - P. 99-100.
Abstract: In the course of the last 10 years the scientists from the Chair of General Chemistry of the Belgorod State National Research University have been carrying out an active research in the development of efficient sorbents on the base of native montmorillonite clays in the region in order to purify natural and industrial waters
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