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Title: Dielectric properties of silicon nitride ceramics produced by free sintering
Authors: Lukianova, O. A.
Sirota, V. V.
Keywords: equipment
chemical technology
technology of inorganic substances
silicon nitride
dielectric losses
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Lukianova, O.A. Dielectric properties of silicon nitride ceramics produced by free sintering / O. A. Lukianova, V. V. Sirota // Ceramics International. - 2017. - Vol.43.-P. 8284-8288.
Abstract: The silicon nitride ceramics with a beneficial combination of low dielectric losses and improved physical properties was fabricated by cold isostatic pressing and pressureless sintering. The fine grain microstructure, three-phase composition based on the β-SiAlON, the small amount of the glass phase and relatively small porosity promote a unique combination of a low thermal conductivity 14.51 W m¯¹ K¯¹ and low dielectric loss 1.4·10¯¯³. A novel method is proposed to overcome the main drawbacks of the commercial and high-cost technologies
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