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Title: Building of the production function for the production sector of the country
Authors: Kolchinskaya, E. E.
Rastvortseva, S. N.
Keywords: economy
industry economics
production function
Cobb-Douglas production function
panel data
the Russian industry
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Kolchinskaya, E.E. Building of the production function for the production sector of the country / E. E. Kolchinskaya, S. N. Rastvortseva // World Applied Sciences Journal. - 2014. - Vol.30, №2.-P. 207-212.
Abstract: This article introduces a result of performed correlation-regression analysis of the performance indexes of three Russian industry segments: manufacturing activities, non-renewal exploitation enterprises and electric-power, gas and water production and distribution enterprises. Based upon this analysis, the authors built the Cobb-Douglas function for these sectors. The analysis of the obtained functions showed, that the key factor of the production ramp-up in manufacturing is the increase of labour quantity. For extractive enterprises, the capital has a higher value, which is caused by traditional capital intensity in this sector. In the third sector, we didn’t obtain models with a high coefficient of determination
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