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Title: Issues in the study of utero-placental blood flow in severe gestosis
Authors: Pavlova, T. V.
Petrukhin, V.
Selivanova, A.
Goncharov, I.
Kolesnicov, D.
Keywords: medicine
pathology of pregnancy
gestosis particularly
umbilical chord
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Issues in the study of utero-placental blood flow in severe gestosis / T. V. Pavlova [и др.] // Virchows Arch : European Journal of Pathology . - 2014. - №465.-P. 352.
Abstract: The complications of pregnancy, gestosis particularly, are still important aspects on the modern stage of development of obstetrics, as it influences on development of maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality. One hundred and twenty-five patients with severe gestosis were studied. The conditions of myometrium, endometrium, placenta, umbilical chord as well as erythrocytes of maternal blood were explored with help of atomic power microscopy, light microscopy as well as electron microscopy
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