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Title: Optimal processing of noisy images in a photodetector with limited dynamic range
Authors: Fomin, V. N.
Nikitin, V. M.
Zhbakov, E. B.
Sautkin, V. A.
Suyazova, E. K.
Keywords: technique
radio engineering
noisy images
limited dynamic range
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Optimal processing of noisy images in a photodetector with limited dynamic range / V. N. Fomin [и др.] // Physics of Wave Phenomena. - 2014. - Vol. 22, №2.- P. 125-131.
Abstract: A study aimed at optimizing noisy image processing under conditions of strong additive noise has been performed. An algorithm of optimal signal processing was developed and a possibility of improving image quality due to the subtraction of excess additive noise (which limits the photodetector dynamic range) was substantiated. The possibility of technical implementation of noise subtraction due to forced recombination of charge carriers in the photodetector is experimentally confirmed. The proposed approach to design processing systems makes it possible to improve the quality of recorded images under noisy conditions without any changes in the photodetector design
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