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Title: Spatial polarimetry of inhomogeneous surfaces under laser illumination
Authors: Nikitin, V. M.
Fomin, V. N.
Egorov, V. M.
Sautkin, V. A.
Keywords: physics
crystal optics
spatial polarimetry
laser polarimetry
polarimetric methods
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Spatial polarimetry of inhomogeneous surfaces under laser illumination / V. M. Nikitin [и др.] // Physics of Wave Phenomena. - 2014. - Vol. 22, №2.- P. 120-124.
Abstract: A study aimed at improving the methods of remote laser polarimetry of inhomogeneous surfaces using complex probe signals with a combined amplitude-phase and polarization modulation has been performed. It is shown that the informative properties of probe signals can be improved that potentially allows for carrying out some operations of forming and processing polarization images of objects in the probe stage. The efficiency of application of the proposed probe signals for recognizing various types of materials is experimentally confirmed
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