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Title: Mathematical models of a liquid filtration from reservoirs
Authors: Meirmanov, A. M.
Erygina, N.
Mukhambetzhanov, S.
Keywords: mathematics
mathematical analysis
Lame's equation
stokes equation
liquid filtration
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Meirmanov, A.M. Mathematical models of a liquid filtration from reservoirs / A. M. Meirmanov, N. Erygina, S. Mukhambetzhanov // Electronic Journal of Differential Equations. - 2014. - Vol.2014, №49.-P. 1-13.
Abstract: This article studies the ltration from reservoirs into porous media under gravity. We start with the exact mathematical model at the microscopic level, describing the joint motion of a liquid in reservoir and the same liquid and the elastic solid skeleton in the porous medium. Then using a homogenization procedure we derive the chain of macroscopic models from the poroelasticity equations up to the simplest Darcy's law in the porous medium and hydraulics in the reservoir
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