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Title: Reality of the Ideal
Authors: Maidansky, A.
Keywords: philosophy
history of philosophy
Marxist philosophy
Ilyenkov E.
dialectics of the ideal
dialectical logic
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Maidansky, A. Reality of the Ideal / A. Maidansky // Dialectics of the Ideal : Evald Ilyenkov and Creative Soviet Marxism / ed. by A. Levant, V. Oittinen. - Leiden ; Boston, 2014. - P.125-143.
Abstract: Marxism started with a revolt against its nurse - Hegel’s philosophy. In 1845 in Brussels, as Marx remembered, he and Engels decided to ‘settle accounts with our erstwhile philosophical conscience (Gewissen)’.J The radical error of Hegelianism consists in the belief that ideas rule over the world, and the whole history of mankind is some ‘other-being’ of pure ideas. So Marx and Engels intended to turn philosophy upside down - to drive away philosophy, with its ‘drunken speculation’, from the ‘science of history’ (Wissenschaft der Geschichte), and to depict reality as it is, materialistically
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