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Title: A new approach to dating the fallow lands in old-cultivated areas of the steppe zone
Authors: Lisetskii, F. N.
Marinina, O. A.
Jakuschenko, D. G.
Keywords: agriculture
soil science
ancient agriculture
uneven-aged deposits
soil rockiness
deposits dating
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Lisetskii, F.N. A new approach to dating the fallow lands in old-cultivated areas of the steppe zone / F. N. Lisetskii, O. A. Marinina, D. G. Jakuschenko // Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences. - 2014. - №5(6).-P. 1325-1330.
Abstract: We have determined the landing rate of limestone into soil on uneven-aged surfaces (mound and de-posits) in the ancient agricultural steppe region of the Northern Black Sea Region (chora of Kerkinitis) with well represented carbonate soils. To make reasonable choices of objects of study we used an integrated approach, which includes historical and cartographic analysis, GIS-technology remote sensing and field GPS-referencing. It is shown that the most objective factor that can be used for dating long-fallow lands is the mean volume of subsurface rocks based on a large sample method (30 or more measurements)
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