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Title: C₆₀ fullerene as synergistic agent in tumor-inhibitory doxorubicin treatment
Authors: Prylutska, S. V.
Grynyuk, I.
Matyshevska, O.
Prylutskyy, Y.
Evstigneev, M. P.
Keywords: medicine
doxorubicin treatment
anticancer drugs
antioxidant enzymes
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: C₆₀ fullerene as synergistic agent in tumor-inhibitory doxorubicin treatment / S. V. Prylutska [et al.] // Drugs in R&D. - 2014. - Vol.14, №4.-P. 333-340.
Abstract: Background Doxorubicin (Dox) is one of the most potent anticancer drugs, but its successful use is hampered by high toxicity caused mainly by generation of reactive oxygen species. One approach to protect against Dox-dependent chemical insult is combined use of the cytostatic drug with antioxidants. C60 fullerene has a nanostructure with both antioxidant and antitumor potential and may be useful in modulating cell responses to Dox
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