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Title: Interceptor effect of C₆₀ fullerene on the in vitro action of aromatic drug molecules
Authors: Skamrova, G. B.
Laponogov, I.
Buchelnikov, A. S.
Shckorbatov, Yu. G.
Prylutska, S. V.
Keywords: biology
molecular biophysics
DNA -binding drugs
C₆₀ fullerene
human buccal epithelial cells
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Interceptor effect of C₆₀ fullerene on the in vitro action of aromatic drug molecules / G. B. Skamrova [и др.] // European Biophysics Journal. - 2014. - Vol.43, №6-7.-P. 265-276.
Abstract: In this work we are focusing on studying the influence of the pristine C₆₀ fullerene on biological activity of some aromatic drug molecules in human buccal epithelial cells. Assessment of the heterochromatin structure in the cell nucleus as well as the barrier function of the cell membrane was performed. The methods of cell microelectrophoresis and atomic force microscopy were also applied. A concentration-dependent restoration of the functional activity of the cellular nucleus after exposure to DNA -binding drugs (doxorubicin, proflavine and ethidium bromide) has been observed in human buccal epithelial cells upon addition of C₆₀ fullerene at a concentration of ~10−5 M
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