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Title: Reversity as a universal phenomenon of cognitive nature
Authors: Prokhorova, O. N.
Chekulai, I. V.
Shumakova, I. A.
Kuprieva, I. A.
Keywords: linguistics
general linguistics
functional shift
reversion models
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Reversity as a universal phenomenon of cognitive nature / O. N. Prokhorova [и др.] // Journal of Language and Literature. - 2014. - Vol.5, №3.-P. 395-399.
Abstract: The article covers the problem of reversity as one of the linguistic phenomena that helps to represent linguistic view of the world. In the article the authors try to prove that it is a universal feature typical of all languages represented by specific language structures in particular language. The study of such phenomena in different groups of languages gives the opportunity to find out some principles revealing the true nature of language development and semantic modification
Appears in Collections:Статьи из периодических изданий и сборников (на иностранных языках) = Articles from periodicals and collections (in foreign languages)

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