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Title: Effect of particle surface heating on the sedimentation rate
Authors: Malai, N. V.
Shchukin, E. R.
Yalamov, Yu. I.
Keywords: physics
Stokes' formula
Hadamard-Rybchinsky formulas
temperature dependence
gravitational fall
sedimentation rate
Issue Date: 2002
Citation: Malai, N.V. Effect of particle surface heating on the sedimentation rate / N.V. Malai, E.R. Shchukin, Yu.I. Yalamov // Russian journal of applied chemistry. - 2002. - Vol.75, №3.-P. 422-426. - doi: 10.1023/A:1016194721722.
Abstract: The Stokes and Hadamard-Rybchinsky formulas are generalized, making it possible to take into account the temperature dependence of viscosity in a wide range of temperatures and to calculate the force of resistance to motion and velocity of gravitational fall at arbitrary temperature differences between the particle surface and a remote region
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