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Title: The veto system of the DarkSide-50 experiment
Authors: Agnes, P.
Agostino, L.
Albuquerque, I. F. M.
Alexander, T.
Kubankin, A.
Keywords: physics
nuclear physics
neutron detectors
emission processes
Dark Matter detectors
Cherenkov radiation
transition radiation
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: The veto system of the DarkSide-50 experiment / P. Agnes, L. Agostino, I. F. M. Albuquerque et al. // Journal of Instrumentation. - 2016. - Vol.11, №3.-Art. P03016. - DOI: 10.1088/1748-0221/11/03/P03016.
Abstract: Nuclear recoil events produced by neutron scatters form one of the most important classes of background in WIMP direct detection experiments, as they may produce nuclear recoils that look exactly like WIMP interactions. In DarkSide-50, we both actively suppress and measure the rate of neutron-induced background events using our neutron veto, composed of a boron-loaded liquid scintillator detector within a water Cherenkov detector
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