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Title: Russia: from the state of corporation to the state of creation
Authors: Tonkov, E. E.
Keywords: policy
politic system
state of corporation
state of creation
civil society
public trust
Russian Federation
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Tonkov, E. E. Russia: from the state of corporation to the state of creation / E. E. Tonkov // 3rd International multidisciplinary scientific conference on social sciences and arts. SGEM 2016, Viena, Austria, 6-9 April, 2016 : conference proceedings. - Viena, 2016. - Book 2: Political sciences, law, finance, economics and tourism, vol.1: Political sciences.-P. 493-497. - doi: l0.5593/sgemsocial2016HB21. - Refer.: p. 499.
Abstract: The leading strategic line to develop the state of creation is to develop the system of active citizens impact on the state through the institutions of civil society. The new legal perspective cannot be based on a simple set of legal norms and rationality of the state of creation without the practice of legal communication guaranteed by the state activities. The prerequisite is public confidence in the public authorities. Without this confidence it is not possible to guarantee full public participation in efforts to overcome the negative trends
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