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Title: Microstructure evolution of commercial-purity titanium during cryorolling
Authors: Dyakonov, G. S.
Zherebtsov, S. V.
Klimova, M. V.
Salishchev, G. A.
Keywords: technique
metal science
non-ferrous metals
dislocation gliding
microstructure refinement
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Microstructure evolution of commercial-purity titanium during cryorolling / G. S. Dyakonov, S. V. Zherebtsov, M. V. Klimova et al. // The Physics of Metals and Metallography. - 2015. - Vol.116, №2.-P. 182-188. - doi: 10.1134/S0031918X14090038. Авторы: Dyakonov G.S., Zherebtsov S.V., Klimova M.V., Salishchev G.A.
Abstract: Electron backscatter diffraction and transmission electron microscopy have been used to analyze the microstructural evolution of titanium during rolling at a cryogenic temperature (T = –196°C). It has been found that intensive twinning at the cryogenic deformation temperature accelerates the kinetics of micro structure refinement. The quantitative analysis of microstructure evolution in titanium upon cryorolling has shown that structure evolution is mainly related to mechanical twinning in the initial stages cryorolling is discussed
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