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Title: Modified layered alumosil icate nanosorbents for water treating
Authors: Volovicheva, N.
Vezentsev, A.
Korolkova, S.
Keywords: chemistry
physical chemistry
sorption technology
water treatment
ions of heavy metals
layered alumosilicates
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Volovicheva, N. Modified layered alumosil icate nanosorbents for water treating / N. Volovicheva, A. Vezentsev, S. Korolkova // Proceedings of the 12-th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (CEST2011), Rhodes, Greece, 8-10 sep. 2011 / University of the Aegeaned ; ed. T.D. Lekkas. - 2011. - P. 1099-1105. - Refer.: p. 1105.
Abstract: An author’s method of modification of natural layered alumosilicate nanostructured mineral montmorillonite is presented. The method is the treatment of montmorillonite with a 10% solution of sulfuric acid and subsequent activation with lithium hydroxide at a mass ratio solid alumosilicate : LiOH equaling 1 : 0.18. During pretreatment with sulfuric acid an increase in vacant positions occurs not only in the interlayer space but also in the octahedral layer of montmorillonite. In this case lithium content in the models during subsequent modify ing is higher as compared with the direct activation of natural clay with lithium hy droxid
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