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Title: Neophrasemics in the context of linguo-cognitive synergetics
Authors: Alefirenko, N. F.
Kasyanova, L. Yu.
Keywords: linguistic
cognitive linguistics
linguo-cognitive science
cognitive-onomasiological processes
universal objective code
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Alefirenko, N.F. Neophrasemics in the context of linguo-cognitive synergetics / N.F. Alefirenko, L.Yu. Kasyanova // Journal of Language and Literature. - 2015. - Vol.6, №3(1).-P. 65-70 . - doi: 10.7813/jll.2015/6-3/14. - Refer.: p. 69-70.
Abstract: The processes of neophraseologization are considered from the viewpoint of a new scientific paradigm of the modern linguistics – linguo-cognitive synergetics that comprises mechanisms of (1) discursive pragmatics, because phrasemic semiosis is designated primarily to serve and express communicative-pragmatic intentions of communicators, and mechanisms (2) of linguocreative mind that provide secondary semiosis with the core thing: the opportunity to extract knowledge and experience from the words, already encoded by the semantic system of a language, for them to be associative-notionally re-encoded into the signs of indirect derivative nomination
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