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Title: Representation of the space in the early XX century poetic discourse
Authors: Samosenkova, T. V.
Bil, O. N.
Nazarenko, E. B.
Dedikova, I. R.
Keywords: linguistic
text linguistics
poetic discourse
outer space
topic group
primary sensing image
secondary reconceived images
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Representation of the space in the early XX century poetic discourse / T. V. Samosenkova [и др.] // Journal of Language and Literature. - 2015. - Vol.6, №2.-P. 227-229. - doi: 10.7813/jll.2015/6-2/47.
Abstract: Analysis of the representatives of outer space in the poetic texts of the authors representing different literary directions (K. Balmont - impressionism, V. Bryusov, M. Voloshin - symbolism, N. Gumilev -acmeism) allowed to present a holistic impression of the image of outer space in the poetry of a certain period of time. The Space in the poetic discourse of the early XX century is synthetic, it is created by a comprehensive perception of reality in which the second plan is forming on the basis of perceptual data (especially on the visual impressions) reinterpreted in the literary texts
Appears in Collections:Статьи из периодических изданий и сборников (на иностранных языках) = Articles from periodicals and collections (in foreign languages)

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