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Title: Estimation of Innovative Activity of the University
Authors: Gulyaev, I. I.
Lomovtseva, O. A.
Pryadko, S. N.
Balabanova, T. V.
Shlakaneva, V. A.
Keywords: pedagogy
higher education
inventive activity
higher education institutions
Belgorod region
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Estimation of Innovative Activity of the University / I. I. Gulyaev [и др.] // The Social Sciences. - 2015. - Vol.10, №6.-P. 1432-1436. - doi: 10.3923/sscience.2015.1432.1436.
Abstract: On the basis of Belgorod region innovation activity analysis, positive relationship between shipped innovation items and domestic research and development costs was found. Semantic differential was used for multiple estimation of BelSU innovation activity and competiveness. BelSU integrated index showed high-enough innovation activity of this university
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