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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Adaptive potential assessment of future teachers at the first stage of their professional trainingVoloshina, L. N.; Buslovskaya, L. K.; Kovtunenko, A. Yu.; Ryzhkova, Yu. P.; Prokopenko, Yu. A.
2015Correction of the state of cardiovascular system of undergraduates by means of dosed constitutional walking and joggingKondakov, V. L.; Voloshina, L. N.; Balysheva, N. V.; Kopeikina, E. N.; Skrug, D. A.
2020Daily assessment of physical activity in 6-11-year-old childrenKondakov, V. L.; Voloshina, L. N.; Kopeikina, E. N.; Kadutskaya, L.
2019Designing an independently installed educational standard for Teacher EducationVoloshina, L. N.; Demicheva, V. V.; Reprintsev, A. V.; Stebunova, K. K.; Yakovleva, T. V.
2019Evaluation of the adaptive potential of first-graders with normal speech development and speech disordersVoloshina, L. N.; Buslovskaya, L. K.; Kovtunenko, A. Yu.; Klimova, V. K.; Ryzhkova, Yu. P.
2019Impact of self-regulation methods on the psycho-emotional state of future teachersVoloshina, L. N.; Arseenko, E. A.; Panasenko, K. E.; Stebunova, K. K.; Tretyakov, A. A.
2019Issues of regulating childrens motor activity in modern preschool educationVoloshina, L. N.; Kondakov, V. L.; Kopeikina, E. N.; Galimskaia, O. G.
2018Physical and recreational preventing measure technology of disturbances in the cordial and vascular system of studentsKondakov, V. L.; Voloshina, L. N.; Kopeikina, E. N.; Balysheva, N. V.; Nikulina, D. E.