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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Adsorption of glyphosate on carbon-containing materialsNguyen Dinh Chien; Vezentsev, A. I.; Sokolovskiy, P. V.; Greish, A. A.
2018Adsorption of methylene blue on the composite sorbent based on bentonite-like clay and hydroxyapatiteVezentsev, A. I.; Dang Minh Thuy; Goldovskaya-Peristaya, L. F.; Glukhareva, N. A.
2021Adsorption of phenol and 2,4-dichlorophenol on carbon-containing sorbent produced from sugar cane bagasseGreish, A. A.; Sokolovskiy, P. V.; Finashina, E. D.; Kustov, L. M.; Vezentsev, A. I.
2018Changes in the crystal lattice parameters of montmorillonite during its modification by cobalt and aluminum cationsSokolovskiy, P. V.; Roessner, F.; Vezentsev, A. I.; Konkova, T. V.; Alekhina, M. B.
2022Effect of the acidic and alkaline activation of bentonite-like clays on sorption properties in relation to Fe³⁺ ions under static conditionsVezentsev, A. I.; Volovicheva, N. A.; Korolkova, S. V.; Sokolovskiy, P. V.
2018Effective purification of water from iron lons and potentially pathogenic microorganisms using a montmorillonite composite sorbentVezentsev, A. I.; Peristiy, V. A.; Bukhanov, V. D.; Peristaya, L. F.; Sokolovskiy, P. V.
2013Effects of nanodispersed iron on the morphofunctional parameters of the blood systemSkorkina, M. Yu.; Vezentsev, A. I.; Fedorova, M. Z.; Simonov, V. V.; Kanev, I. L.
2008Energy-conserving synthesis of nanodispersed amorphous sodium silicate for water-glass productionVezentsev, A. I.; Tarasova, I. D.; Proskurina, E. L.; Polshin, A. P.
2013Environmental aspects of the clay use in industrial and agricultural productionPeristy, V. A.; Vezentsev, A. I.; Peristaya, L. F.; Bukhanov, V. D.; Frolov, G. V.
2008Increasing the production efficiency of chrysotile cement productsVezentsev, A. I.; Naumova, L. N.
2019Investigation of sorption of Cu₂₊, Zn₂₊ and Cd₂₊ ions by a composite adsorbent obtained from bentonite-like clay and hydroxyapatiteVezentsev, A. I.; Dang Minh Thuy; Peristaya, L. F.; Peristyj, V. A.; Alateya, A. T.; Pham Thanh Minh
2014Material composition and colloid-chemical properties of natural and modified montmorillonite claysVezentsev, A. I.; Kormosh, E. V.; Peristaya, L. F.; Shamshurov, A. V.; Cherkasov, R. A.
2012Mesoporous silica containing Si(CH2)3NHC(S)NHC2H5 functional groups in the surface layerNazarchuk, G. I.; Melnyk, I. V.; Zub, Y. L.; Marridina, O. I.; Vezentsev, A. I.
2022On the adsorption mechanism of copper ions on bentonite clayVezentsev, A. I.; Gorbunova, N. M.; Sokolovskiy, P. V.; Marinskikh, S. G.; Chub, A. V.
2020Salinity effect on adsorption of phenol by activated carbon from sugarcane bagasseNguyen Dinh Chien; Vezentsev, A. I.; Glukhareva, N. A.
2013Some problems of environmental chemistry and their solutionsPeristy, V. A.; Vezentsev, A. I.; Peristaya, L. F.
2016The etiological structure of mass diseases with young gastro and respiratory syndromeZuev, N. P.; Bukhanov, V. D.; Vezentsev, A. I.; Sokolovskiy, P. V.; Khmirov, A. V.
2017The influence of the concentration of montmorillonite containing sorbent and pH of the culture medium on the antibiotic sensitivity of Escherichia coli, as well as the effect of ground on growth of EscherichiaBukhanov, V. D.; Vezentsev, A. I.; Filippova, O. V.; Nadezhdin, S. V.; Pankova, O. N.