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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Arginase inhibitor in the pharmacological correction of endothelial dysfunctionPokrovskiy, M. V.; Korokin, M. V.; Tsepeleva, S. A.; Pokrovskaya, T. G.; Kochkarov, V. I.
2022Cytokines in abdominal aortic aneurysm: master regulators with clinical applicationPuchenkova, O. A.; Soldatov, V. O.; Deykin, A. V.; Korokin, M. V.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.
2022Development and validation of eltrombopag determination in human plasma Blood by HPLC-MS MethodAL-Dhuraibi, A. M.; Kulikov, A. L.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.
2018Dyssynchrony of the heart as a pathogenetic mechanism of the chronic cardiac insufficiency progression on the backgroound of ischemic heart disease or physiological aging of the heartOsipova, O. A.; Zhernakova, N. I.; Askari, I. V.; Bukatov, V. V.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.
2018Effect of antagonist mineralocorticoid receptors Eplerenon on the dynamics of QT interval dispersion in patients with acute elderly agedShekhovtsova, L. V.; Osipova, O. A.; Zhernakova, N. I.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.; Pokrovskaya, T. G.
2019Effect of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells secretome on imiquimod-induced psoriasis in ratsNadezhdina, N. A.; Nadezhdin, S. V.; Bondarev, V. P.; Mycic, A. V.; Burda, Yu. E.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.; Danilenko, L. M.; Peresypkina, A. A.
2021Evaluation of eltrombopag efficacy in patients with hepatitis C-induced thrombocytopenia: systematic reviews of meta-analysisAL-Dhuraibi, A. M.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.; Abakumov, A. K.; AL-Dhuraibi, W. M.
2018Experimental approaches to the assessment of potential cardioprotective means with doxorubicin-associated cardiomyopathyDanilenko, L. M.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.; Kotelnikova, A. S.; Timokhina, A. S.; Zhernakova, N. I.
2020Increased Expression of the Multimerin-1 Gene in α-Synuclein Knokout MiceChaprova, K. D.; Goloborshcheva, V. V.; Korokin, M. V.; Soldatov, V. O.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.
2020Non-hematopoietic erythropoietin-derived peptides for atheroprotection and treatment of cardiovascular diseasesBelyaeva, V. S.; Stepenko, Yu. V.; Kulikov, A. L.; Kochkarova, I. S.; Martynova, O. V.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.
2019Pharmacological preconditioning by incretinomimetics exenatide and vildagliptin: decrement of liver ischemia-reperfusion injuryTarasova, A. P.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.; Trunov, K. S.; Danilenko, A. P.; Stepenko, Yu. V.; Batischeva, G. A.; Galenko-Yaroshevskiy, P. A.
2021Retinal abnormalities in transgenic mice overexpressing aberrant human FUS[1-359] geneSoldatov, V. O.; Kukharsky, M. S.; Puchenkova, O. A.; Deykin, A. V.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.
2021Safety and efficacy of eltrombopag in patients with chronic immune thrombocytopenia: meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsAl-Dhuraibi, A. M.; Al-Dhuraibi, W. M.; Abakumov, A. K.; Soldatov, V.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.
2015Simulation of total brain ischemia in ratsMartynova, O. V.; Gureev, V. V.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.; Martynov, M. A.; Solgalova, A. S.
2019Stimulation of reparation in a linear wound model in rats by Bischofit gelStepenko, Yu. V.; Soldatov, V. O.; Demidenko, A. N.; Ivahno, E. N.; Sarycheva, M. V.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.
2018The definition of specific antiparkinsonian effects of RapitalamAvdeeva, N. V.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.; Zhernakova, N. I.; Artyushkova, E. B.
2019Tissue distribution of potential antidiabetic agent C7070Kulikov, A. L.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.; Kulikova, S. Y.; Kochkarova, I. S.; Dubcova, E. Yu.
2021Triple-knockout, synuclein-free mice display compromised lipid patternGuschina, I. A.; Ninkina, N.; Roman, A.; Pokrovskiy, M. V.; Buchman, V. L.