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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Effective purification of water from iron lons and potentially pathogenic microorganisms using a montmorillonite composite sorbentVezentsev, A. I.; Peristiy, V. A.; Bukhanov, V. D.; Peristaya, L. F.; Sokolovskiy, P. V.
2013Environmental aspects of the clay use in industrial and agricultural productionPeristy, V. A.; Vezentsev, A. I.; Peristaya, L. F.; Bukhanov, V. D.; Frolov, G. V.
2019Investigation of sorption of Cu₂₊, Zn₂₊ and Cd₂₊ ions by a composite adsorbent obtained from bentonite-like clay and hydroxyapatiteVezentsev, A. I.; Dang Minh Thuy; Peristaya, L. F.; Peristyj, V. A.; Alateya, A. T.; Pham Thanh Minh
2014Material composition and colloid-chemical properties of natural and modified montmorillonite claysVezentsev, A. I.; Kormosh, E. V.; Peristaya, L. F.; Shamshurov, A. V.; Cherkasov, R. A.
2013Some problems of environmental chemistry and their solutionsPeristy, V. A.; Vezentsev, A. I.; Peristaya, L. F.