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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A new approach to dating the fallow lands in old-cultivated areas of the steppe zoneLisetskii, F. N.; Marinina, O. A.; Jakuschenko, D. G.
2019Assessment of biogeochemical soil variability using a geostatistical approach: a case study in the steppe CrimeaLisetskii, F. N.; Buryak, Z. A.; Marinina, O. A.
2015Basin and eco-regional approach to optimize the use of water and land resourcesYermolaev, O. P.; Lisetskii, F. N.; Marinina, O. A.; Buryak, Z. A.
2016Biogeochemical features of fallow lands in the steppe zoneLisetskii, F. N.; Smekalova, T. N.; Marinina, O. A.
2015Comparative assessment of methods for forecasting river runoff with different conditions of organizationLisetskii, F. N.; Pichura, V. I.; Pavlyuk, Y. V.; Marinina, O. A.
2016Evaluation of siltation of rivers with intensive economic development of watershedsMarinina, O. A.; Yermolaev, O. P.; Maltsev, K. A.; Lisetskii, F. N.; Pavlyuk, Y. V.
2015I cambiamenti ambientali nella steppa Crimea per tutto il periodo romano di storia antica e di làLisetskiy, F. N.; Pichura, V. I.; Marinina, O. A.; Semenyuk, A. P.
2015Implementation of the Basin-Administrative and Ecoregional Approaches to Environmentally Oriented Arrangement Inter-settlement Areas of the Belgorod Region = Реализация бассейново-административного и экорегионального подходов при экологически ориентированном обустройстве межселенных территорий Белгородской областиLisetsky, F. N.; Buryak, J. A.; Grigoreva, O. I.; Marinina, O. A.; Martsinevskaya, L. V.
2015Model of position-dynamic structure of river basinsPozachenyuk, E. A.; Lisetskii, F. N.; Vlasova, A. N.; Buryak, Zh. A.; Marinina, O. A.
2016Rationale for Indicators of Arable Farming Duration (Based on Research Findings in the County of the Antique Polis of Kerkinitis)Lisetskii, F. N.; Marinina, O. A.; Gadzhiev, R. S.; Vorobyeva, E. Ya.
2021Soil-genetic differences of multi-aged fallow lands in an ancient agricultural region of steppe CrimeaLisetskii, F. N.; Poletaev, A. O.; Terekhin, E. A.; Marinina, O. A.