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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Cobalt-based ZIF-68 and ZIF-69 as the precursors of non-platinum electrocatalysts for oxygen reductionPimonova, Y. A.; Lastovina, T. A.; Budnyk, A. P.; Kudryavtsev, E. A.; Yapryntsev, M. N.
2016Copper-based nanoparticles prepared from copper(II) acetate bipyridine complexLastovina, T. A.; Budnyk, A. P.; Khaishbashev, G. A.; Kudryavtsev, E. A.; Soldatov, A. V.
2021Effect of scanning strategy on mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4V alloy manufactured by laser direct energy depositionGushchina, M. A.; Kuzminova, Y. O.; Kudryavtsev, E. A.; Babkin, K. D.; Andreeva, V. D.
2020Increasing the sintering rate and strength of ZrO₂- Al₂O₃ ceramic materials by iron oxide additionsObolkina, T. O.; Goldberg, M. A.; Smirnov, V. V.; Smirnova, S. V.; Kudryavtsev, E. A.
2017Influence of ripening in mother solution on characteristics of magnesium-substituted calcium phosphate powdersGoldberg, M. A.; Smirnov, V. V.; Antonova, O. S.; Shvorneva, L. I.; Kudryavtsev, E. A.
2016Microstructure evolution and mechanical behavior of ultrafine Tie6Ale4V during low-temperature superplastic deformationZherebtsov, S. V.; Kudryavtsev, E. A.; Salishchev, G. A.; Straumal, B. B.; Semiatin, S. L.
2021Phase and structural changes during heat treatment of additive manufactured CrFeCoNi high-entropy alloyKuzminova, Y. O.; Kudryavtsev, E. A.; Jae-Kyung Han; Kawasaki, M.; Evlashin, S. A.
2017Preparation of the Sm3+-doped magnetic nanoparticles via microwave-assisted polyol synthesisLastovina, T. A.; Efimova, S. A.; Kudryavtsev, E. A.; Soldatov, A. V.
2020Production, Structure and Properties of Coatings Based on Al₂O₃ Obtained by Magnetron MethodKolesnikov, D. A.; Sudzhanskaya, I. V.; Novikov, V. Yu.; Kudryavtsev, E. A.; Krytsyna, E. V.
2017Properties of coatings on the basis of carbon, tungsten, boron, and titanium obtained by the pulsed vacuum-arc methodKovaleva, M. G.; Kolpakov, A. Ya.; Kolesnikov, D. A.; Kudryavtsev, E. A.
2014RF-Magnetron sputtering of Si3N4 and study of Si3N4/p-Si heterostructuresZakhvalinskii, V. S.; Goncharov, I. Yu.; Kudryavtsev, E. A.; Piluk, E. A.; Kolesnikov, D. A.
2017Solvothermal Synthesis of Sm3+-doped Fe3O4 nanoparticlesLastovina, T. A.; Budnyk, A. P.; Kudryavtsev, E. A.; Nikolsky, A. V.; Kozakov, A. T.
2016Structural studies of magnetic nanoparticles doped with rare-earth elementsLastovina, T. A.; Bugaev, A. L.; Kubrin, S. P.; Kudryavtsev, E. A.; Soldatov, A. V.
2019Synthesis of pure hydroxyapatite by ion exchange reactionIvanov, M. B.; Krytsyna, E. V.; Vershinina, T. N.; Kolesnikov, D. A.; Kudryavtsev, E. A.; Dubrovina, N. A.; Volkovnyak, N. A.
2022The effect of hydrogenation on the fracture of Ti₂AlNb-based alloy during ball millingSenkevich, K. S.; Pozhoga, O. Z.; Kudryavtsev, E. A.; Zasypkin, V. V.
2020The enhancement of hydroxyapatite thermal stability by Al dopingGoldberg, M. A.; Protsenko, P. V.; Smirnov, V. V.; Antonova, O. S.; Kudryavtsev, E. A.