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Статьи из периодических изданий и сборников (на иностранных языках) = Articles from periodicals and collections (in foreign languages) Главная страница коллекции Просмотр статистики

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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2020Features of French, American and Russian intercultural interactionSedykh, A. P.; Ivanishcheva, O. N.; Sidorova, T. A.; Simirnova, L. V.; Bolgova, N. S.
2020Analysis of priority sectors of the economy in the policy of import substitutionDubrovina, T.; Ponomareva, T.; Semchenko, I.
2020Abstract Concepts Through the Lens of Linguistic and Extra-Linguistic KnowledgeGrigorenko, N. V.; Tsurikova, L. V.; Kaliuzhnaya, E. V.; Bubyreva, Zh. A.; Lukyanova, E. V.
2020Lexical interaction of the modern Greek language with Germanic and Romance languages (with reference to the vocabulary of English, French and modern Greek languages)Boichuk, I. V.; Eshchenko, I. O.; Kupina, N. I.; Lukyanova, E. V.; Bubyreva, Zh. A.
2020Élément roman en polonais moderne: histoire, modernité, perspectivesBoichuk, I. V.; Eschenko, I. O.; Lavrinenko, A..O.; Lukyanova, E. V.; Turner, I. P.
2016Riemann-Gilbert problem for Moisil-Theodorescu system in multiply connected domainsPolunin, V. A.; Soldatov, A. P.
2016An analogue of the Schwarz problem for the Moisil–Teodorescu system in a multiply connected domainPolunin, V. A.; Soldatov, A. P.
2018Modern geochemical situation in the area of mining facilities of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (by the example of Mikhailovsky GOK)Kornilov, A. G.; Drozdova, E. A.; Novykh, L. L.; Khrisanov, V. A.
2019Honoring A.V. Bitsadze's service to science (on his 100th birthdayBegehr, H.; Nakhushev, A. M.; Soldatov, A. P.
2020System-object modeling of quality management system of medicalZhikharev, А. G.; Matorin, S. I.; Buzov, P. А.; Tinyakov, O. A.; Boeva, A. V.
2020Formal bases of optimization procedures of system-object imitation models of processes and systemsZhikharev, A. G.; Egorov, I. A.; Matorin, S. I.; Smirnova, S. B.; Udovenko, I. V.
2019Anatomical and physiological basis of the reduced occlusion syndromeVoytiatskaya, I. V.; Tscymbalystov, A. V.; Gayvoronskaya, M. G.; Lopuchanskaya, T. A.; Kopytov, A. A.
2020Dynamic nature of somatic chromosomal mosaicism, genetic-environmental interactions and therapeutic opportunities in disease and agingVorsanova, S. G.; Yurov, Y. B.; Iourov, I. Y.
2019Experimental comparison of osseointegration of titanium Grade 4 and hyperelastic titanium alloy Ti-22Nb-6ZrTsimbalistov, A. V.; Olesov, E. E.; Olesova, V. N.; Ivanov, S. Y.; Ryjova, I. P.
2019Effect of BiScO₃ additive on the structure and electrical properties of the Y₂O₃-ZrO₂-SrTiO₃ systemSudzhanskaya, I. V.; Yaprintsev, M. N.; Nekrasova, Yu. S.; Beresnev, V. N.; Vasilev, A. N.
2019Neuroprotective effects of the novel ethylthiadiazole derivatives (LHT 4-15) in male ratsMartynov, M. A.; Cherevatenko, R. F.; Martynova, O. V.; Timokhina, A. S.; Ekimova, N. V.
2015Impact monitoring of mining enterprises of Kursk magnetic anomaly on hydro ecological river situation of the Belgorod regionKornilov, A. G.; Kolmykov, S. N.; Petina, M. A.; Lebedeva, M. G.
2020Combination of aerobic and anaerobic means in physical culture classesGoginava, S. E.; Kondakov, V. L.; Kopeikina, E. N.; Grachev, A. S.; Iermakov, S. S.
2019Process of granulating perlite-containing mixtures: experimental studyShkarpetkin, E. A.; Osokin, A. V.
2019Placing names conversion into verbs as a mean of explaning their outstanding propertiesPupynina, E. V.; Prokhorova, O. N.; Chekulai, I. V.; Bekh, E. F.
Ресурсы коллекции (Сортировка по Даты сохранения в по убыванию порядке): 1 по 20 из 2312