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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Mechanical alloying of Cu–SiC materials prepared with utilisation of copper waste chipsProsviryakov A. S.; Aksenov A. A.; Samoshina M. E.; Kovaleva M. G.; Ivanov D. O.
2017Semantic-numerical approach to the automatic parallel fragment models synthesis for computer systems with distributed memoryPolyakov, G. A.; Korsunov, N. I.; Lysykh, K. V.; Lysykh, V. V.; Lipnitskii, A. G.
2018Structure and mechanical properties of TiAlSiY vacuum-arc coatings deposited in nitrogen atmosphereBeresnev, V. M.; Sobol, O. V.; Pogrebnjak, A. D.; Lytovchenko, S. V.; Novikov, V. Yu.
2018Numerical Solution of Rare Metal Leaching ProblemGaltsev, O. V.; Galtseva, O. A.; Belenko, V. A.; Mamatov, A. V.; Nemtsev, A. N.
2018Integrating Artificial Agent in the Simulation Model of the Russian Federation Spatial DevelopmentMashkova, A.; Savina, O.; Mamatov, A. V.
2016Mobile technologies in implementation of programs of internal tourism developmentVishnevskaya, E. V.; Klimova, T. B.; Bogomazova, I. V.; Yakovenko, O. V.; Kovtun, J. V.
2017The influence of virtual information spaces on tourism developmentVishnevskaya, E. V.; Klimova, T. B.; Slinkova, O. K.; Glumova, Y. G.
2018Properties of carbon coatings obtained by pulsed high power methods of vacuum-arc and magnetron sputteringPoplavsky, A. I.; Kolpakov, A. Ya.; Galkina, M. E.; Kovaleva, M. G.; Mishunin, M. V.
2018Creep behavior and microstructural evolution of a 9%Cr steel with high B and low N contentsTkachev, E.; Belyakov, A.; Kaibyshev, R.
2016Structural/textural changes and strengthening of anadvanced high-Mn steel subjected to cold rollingYanushkevich, Z.; Belyakov, A.; Haase, C.; Molodov, D. A.; Kaibyshev, R.